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Activity 2: Memory activity

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Activity 2: Memory activity

Begin with a small set of cards (10 word pairs), and as your child’s competence with the activity increases, increase the number of cards you use in a game. An advanced student can handle up to 25 word pairs.

To set up the game, shuffle the cards and arrange them, face down, in a grid. For example, a deck of 30 cards (15 word pairs) is best laid out in a 5×6 grid, 5 columns of 6 cards each. The child picks one card and turns it over so the word is visible, reading the word on the card. The child then picks a second card and also turns it over, reading the word on the second card.

If the words on the two overturned cards match, the player removes the pair, placing them by her side, and gets another turn. If the words do not match, the player turns the cards back over so the words are no longer showing, and the player to her right takes the next turn.

If a child is unable to read a word or reads a word incorrectly, give the child a bit of coaching to help them correct the mistake and learn the word.