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Aim: “Experience is the best teacher!” Do you agree with this? If yes, then you are going to “experience” this first hand. This module on “Experiential Learning” (EL) explores how teachers need to create experiences that will shape the learning of students. As you go through the fundamentals of the process of EL, and how it can be implemented effectively in your classrooms you will discover how you can make the process of learning engaging, fun and connected to real-life scenarios.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the module, you will:

  • realise how experiences shape our thoughts and behaviours
  • experience what is Experiential Learning
  • deep dive into Experiential Learning
  • understand the process of Experiential Learning cycle as explained by Kolb
  • state the advantages of Experiential Learning
  • apply Experiential Learning in the classroom effectively (the ERGA cycle)
  • study a few samples of lesson plans for Experiential Learning
  • know how to overcome the challenges while applying Experiential Learning

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